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The Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in North Manchester provides invaluable support to many communities. But more needs to be done to make it stronger, more vibrant and better able to thrive and grow and the North Manchester Together initiative was set up to help do exactly that.  

The North Manchester Business Network very much supports this initiative by bringing together businesses and VCSE organisations so that they can support each other as well as develop longer term relationships. 

Some of the organisations that our members have supported include:

  • Moston Green Fingers, community allotment

  • Bogart Hole Clough Café signature installation

  • Cheetham Hill advice centre refurbishment

We have developed simple Ask & Offer templates to help make these linkages.

We ask all members to adhere to our terms of reference which is also available for you to download in pdf format below.

If you are an employer download the Employer Ask and Offer template here

If you are a VCSE organisation download the VCSE Ask & offer template here

Download our terms of reference here

Email your completed templates back to us at