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Manchester City Council is the local government authority for the city of Manchester and responsible for a wide range of services including education, regeneration, economic development, work and skills, housing, leisure, and health.

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The shared vision for our city is that Manchester will be in the top-flight of world cities with a strong economy and highly skilled people. It will be well connected, limiting climate change and everyone will feel safe and live well in an attractive and welcoming city.  


North Manchester is a priority area for the Council. It is a vibrant area with a young and diverse population proud of where they live but also faces significant challenges around health, income and employment deprivation.


However, North Manchester is embarking on a potentially transformational period of major investment, with a total value of over £4.5billion during 2020 - 2035. The Council and development partners are working hard to maximise the opportunities and benefits for people and businesses in North Manchester.

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Our Manchester Strategy


“The City Council, businesses and voluntary and community organisations need to continue to work in partnership and grow more and stronger relationships to ensure that opportunities are taken forward to help transform North Manchester for the benefit of residents, communities and businesses themselves. The North Manchester Business Network has a key role to galvanise this”.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council

1996 - 2021

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Network Representative:

Anne Taylor

Strategic Lead North

Teun van Rooij

Work & Skills Officer (network support)


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